BIBA Student Study abroad and Double Major


BIBA Student Study abroad and Double Major

Global Mobility

After four years of university, I double majored in the Bachelor of International Business Management (BIBA) and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature (DFLL). In my senior year, I went abroad to exchange at the University of South Australia in Australia.

I once read an article that said, "Never choose ease when you should struggle, and breakthrough yourself while you are young, and step out of your comfort zone." Therefore, my courage to challenge, the more frustrated, the more courageous spirit, so that I have the motivation to achieve what I did not expect.

Learn in a diverse environment

I am Pan Yongman, from Malaysia. I once served as the head of the class, teaching assistant of BIBA, Research Fellowship, and the International Student Ambassador of the University of South Australia. At the same time, I won the full scholarship. Experiences made me win the opportunity to share my journey at Feng Chia University and the University of South Australia.


Invited to share the learning experience in BIBA and the University of South Australia with the students

Challenge as a volunteer

During my freshman year, I would go to Taichung City Zhongshan Junior High School as a life education counselor every Wednesday afternoon, helping teachers and students with their pressure, interpersonal relationships, emotional distress, etc.至臺中市立中山國中擔任生命教育輔導員

Worked as a life education counselor at Zhongshan Junior High School in Taichung City

To be in the new generation, interdisciplinary study, a double major in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​taught me to look at the same thing from different angles. The Foreign Languages ​​Department integrates CDIO into the course, allowing students to operate "practical topics", two-course of linguistics, idioms, and rhetoric, and using picture books as media to let students learn and integrate the knowledge learned in both two courses.

BIBA double majoring in a foreign language, it takes about 40 credits to study the department. To achieve a balance between the two departments, I have to become a master of time management. I have to take more credits than other students and balance the two departments. I often do well in pre-class preparation, concentrate on writing notes in class, consult after class, and make good use of library resources.

Every college student should adopt a positive mentality of "study with asking questions, don't be afraid of asking why."

There are no hurdles that can’t pass, suck it up, you will pass by

Challenging things that do not belong to one's familiar field is difficult. I tell myself "There are no hurdles that can’t pass, suck it up, you will pass by."

Participated in the "Statistics Application Contest" of Feng Chia University in 2019. The "National Micro-Film Contest for Professional Marketing of Accountants" in 2021. These two competitions are not my major, but the competition does not restrict students from any academic background. Therefore, we invite students in a different departments to participate in the competition. Simply enjoy the process, without caring about the results, learning, and growth of the competition.


Participated in the "Statistics Application Contest" and won the second place


In 2021, participated in the "Knowing Accountants Professional Marketing National Micro Film Competition" and won the second place in the country

Study diverse subjects, International Trade, Statistics, Accounting, and even inter-academic studies. In this internationalized society, extensive knowledge is needed.

University of South Australia Exchange

I chose to exchange at the University of South Australia in Australia in my senior year. This is the last university life challenge I give myself. To jump out of my comfort zone, I chose to go to South Australia, where I need to learn to be independent with no family and no friends, face life in various difficulties.

大四時到南澳大學University of South Australia交換

Exchange at University of South Australia in senior year


The BIBA director and teaching assistants came to Australia for a meeting and made a special trip to visit us who are studying in Australia.

I have greatly improved my overall English skills in Australia. I am also fortunate to make friends from all over the world. I like to exchange opinions, exchange ideas, and collisions with them. Foreign courses are different from those of Taiwan University. Teachers often play the role of guiding students to think independently, and participate in classroom discussions and actively share personal opinions. Although I was not used to the process of studying abroad at the beginning. I overcame various difficulties to get an excellent grade of GPA 6.25/7 and also received a special honor from UniSA as an international student ambassador.

Sharing so much of my own learning experience, I hope that my students at Feng Chia University can understand the meaning and purpose. Everything you have done in the past four years at university, make better use of school resources and show the determination to make progress. University is the golden house with the most resources in our academic careers. Whether you can extract gold from the melting pot of university depends on your ability to withstand the fire-like temper to inspire magnificent sparks!

Bachelor of International Business Management in English

The full name of BIBA is 【International Business Management Bachelor Degree Program in English】, which is the only degree program taught in English at the Business School of Feng Chia University. The ratio of foreign student to local students in a class is 1:1. Foreign student come from Russia, Croatia, Mongolia, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries. At BIBA, I feel that the school has created an all-English learning environment and a series of language courses for students in the first three years. Students can get a language license that meets the needs of foreign universities before going abroad for the senior year.The International Trade English Class allows students to make flexible plans to study abroad in their senior year. Students can choose to exchange and obtain double bachelor, double master, and other opportunities.


By|Bachelor's Program of International Business Administration in English  PAN,YONG-MAN

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