BIBA toastmasters 成功舉辦英語演說競賽!


BIBA toastmasters 成功舉辦英語演說競賽!


BIBA toastmasters於5/1 舉辦了英語演說競賽,包括個人即席演講以及團體競賽,本次競賽全程以英語進行,活動過程令人熱血沸騰、目不暇給、回味無窮!


團體賽更是加快了競賽的節奏,來自不同國家組隊而成的Eclipse, Face Card, Yes, TSMC, Chip Chip Cha Cha, Sports till I die隊伍,選手們準備的主題一個比一個值得深思、富有內容,而高潮迭起的氛圍是讓整場比賽圓滿的功臣!

BIBA toastmasters held an English Oral speech competition on 5/1, including individual impromptu speeches and group competitions. The entire competition was conducted in English. The process was exciting, dizzying, and endlessly memorable!

The personal impromptu speech competition challenges the contestants’ on-the-spot reactions. The topics are determined by drawing lots and are all related to current affairs. The contestants only have 30 seconds to one minute to write down a draft and immediately deliver a 1-2 minute impromptu speech. The tense and exciting atmosphere brought the atmosphere of the overall event to the highest point! The audience was nervous for the contestants. At the same time, they also thought about the topic with them on the stage, discussed their ideas with friends around them, and came up with different and colorful ideas through the competition!

The team competition accelerated the pace of the competition. Eclipse, Face Card, Yes, TSMC, Chip Chip Cha Cha, Sports till I die teams were formed from different countries. The themes prepared by the players were more thoughtful and richer than the last. The content, and the climaxing atmosphere are what make the whole game complete!

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