BIBA toastmasters ( Bibalish) 雜誌發表會成功舉辦!


BIBA toastmasters ( Bibalish) 雜誌發表會成功舉辦!


BIBA學程於4月18日舉辦了BIBA toastmasters ( Bibalish) 雜誌發表會,師生一同慶祝Bibalish雜誌成功出版以及上架至Goggle store & Amazon,這本雜誌主要由BIBA toastmasters和TEEP計畫的訪問學生Sejal共同編輯出版。很感謝Sejal促成了這本雜誌的誕生。這本雜誌主要記錄了BIBA toastmasters 的創始初衷、艱辛過程與每位成員的勵志故事,包括了從剛開始害怕開口說英語,一直到能夠上台侃侃而談的自身經歷,雜誌內容還以文字與圖片生動地記錄了成立以來的16場活動以及所有有趣的故事和歡樂的慶祝活動。

BIBA toastmasters 社團展現了不同國籍學生之間的良好互動,這與BIBA學程提供多元文化學習環境以培育具備國際視野及跨文化思考能力相符合。期待未來還有更多這樣的活動,讓我們更加團結,共同成長。

BIBA held a launch party for the publication of BIBA toastmasters (Bibalish) magazine on April 18. Teachers and students celebrated the successful publication of Bibalish magazine and its listing on Goggle store & Amazon. This magazine was mainly produced by BIBA toastmasters and Sejal, a visiting student of the TEEP program, Co-edited and published. BIBA is very grateful to Sejal for promoting the publication of this magazine.This magazine mainly records the original intention of BIBA toastmasters, operation process and inspirational stories of each member, including their own experiences from being afraid to speak English at the beginning to being able to talk on stage. The magazine content also uses text and pictures to record the 16 events and all the interesting stories.

The BIBA toastmasters club demonstrates the good interaction between students of different nationalities, which is consistent with the BIBA academic program providing a multicultural learning environment to cultivate international perspective and cross-cultural thinking skills. We look forward to have more such activities in the future so that we can be more united and grow together.

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