Everything is a key to the future.


Everything is a key to the future.


Splendid university life has always been my longing, so I wish that I will bravely take steps during college, do what I want to do, and maintain good grades in my studies.

The general education course I took in my freshman year - "Smart Green Taiwan" cooperated with the Green Energy Technology and Biotechnology Industry Development Research Center to allow students to participate in workshops on biochar and friendly agricultural materials to practice the university's social responsibility. The course arranges for students to visit Shizhendong Tangerine Garden in Taichung, experience orchard practices, pruning and burning biochar, and listen to the operation instructions of the anaerobic fermentation tank for agricultural waste, which opened up my curiosity about renewable energy, and also buried my passion for entering the field. The seed of "Biohydrogen Energy Laboratory".


Screening, firing process and finished product of biochar.

Cross-disciplinary learning, a fruitful trip to Hualien.

In my junior year, I took an interdisciplinary graduation project jointly directed by teachers from the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Department of Communication, and Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering. Students from various departments give full play to their strengths. The Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Department of Communication studies the growth conditions of coffee trees, the Department of Communication implements induction programs, and the Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering builds good training equipment. The teachers used the summer vacation to lead the students to observe the Hualien Fuyuan Coffee Tree Farm. On that day, the students followed the owner of the farm, listened carefully to the coffee tree planting explanation, and also experienced roasting green coffee beans; after collecting basic information on planting coffee trees, they brought the saplings Back to school planting, successful flowering and fruiting. Only after this trip to the coffee tree farm did I realize that a cup of coffee has gone through such a complicated process.


Hualien Fuyuan Coffee Tree Farm Observation Tour.

Don't forget the things you love!

Seeing the dazzling appearance of the stars I like under the lights, I have a dream in my heart to stand on the stage and become an actor. Knowing that there is an opportunity to perform in a stage play in Feng Chia, I did not hesitate to sign up for the Wandering White Horse stage play selection activity without hesitation, hoping to stand on the stage of Taichung National Opera.

After I successfully selected the role of the grandmother, it was a very difficult challenge to perform a role whose actual age was very different from my own. It took a lot of time to prepare from understanding the script, figuring out the character's emotions, and rehearsing. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the opera house's performance was postponed. Although it failed to stand on the international stage, it finally completed an unforgettable performance on campus. I don't regret that I overcame all difficulties to participate in the selection, expressed myself generously in front of the crowd, and faced everything in the future with more confidence.


"The Wandering White Horse" song and dance theater campus event photos and costume photos.

Stepping out of campus in senior year to experience social life in advance

In the last semester of my senior year, I stepped out of the campus and went to Fuliye Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. for an internship, so that I could have the opportunity to practice what I learned and experience the pace of social life in advance. Internship content includes inspection of monitoring wells, inspection of appearance, water quality, water level, removal of foreign matter in the well through well cleaning, micro-water test, water return rate measurement, etc., greatly increasing practical experience, and the harvest of the internship is far greater than what I can imagine , Encourage every student to work hard.


Internships in the field, foreign matter removal and micro-water tests in monitoring wells, and campus environmental education publicity photos.

I am very happy that I can bravely try different courses and activities. Although not everything has perfect results, it is also because of imperfections that I can reflect on the room for improvement that I need. Just like the brightness and color of each star is different, but it can dazzle the dark starry sky.

Although the future is full of unknowns, I believe that as long as you are willing to open your heart and try boldly, every experience will become the cornerstone of life.

By|Department of Environmental Engineering and Science LIN,JIA-ZHEN

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