BIBA學程111系學會舉辦學生夜烤活動圓滿成功!!原定9月初的新生活動因為海葵颱風而取消,BIBA系學會為了拉近了同學之間的關係,特地在中秋節後舉辦的學生夜烤活動,這樣的活動不僅加強了學程內部的凝聚力,還為學生提供了一個愉快的社交機會。希望這次系夜烤活動為參與者留下了美好的回憶! 🎉🔥學生夜烤活動由系學會學生自行策劃和執行,在各年級同學的熱情支持下,這次活動匯聚了來自不同國家背景的學生,提供了一個互相交流和建立友誼的平台。在夜烤活動中,參與者們一同參加烤肉、音樂表演、遊戲和更多有趣的互動,這是一個讓學生盡情歡笑,忘卻學業壓力的夜晚。BIBA學程對這次學生夜烤活動的成功表示高興,也期望藉由相似的活動規劃與舉辦能夠激發學生的創造力與執行力,更期待未來還有更多這樣精彩的活動將會舉辦。

2023 BIBA Student Association held a successful night BBQ event!!The freshman activities originally scheduled for early September were canceled due to Typhoon Haikui. In order to bring closer the relationship between classmates, the BIBA Student Association organized a night BBQ event after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Such activities not only strengthened the cohesion within the program, also provides students with an enjoyable social opportunity. We hope this night BBQ event left wonderful memories for the participants! 🎉🔥The night BBQ event is planned and executed by the Student Association. With the enthusiastic support of students from all grades, this event brings together students from different national backgrounds and provides a platform for mutual communication and friendship. During the BBQ night, participants participated in barbecues, music performances, games and more fun interactions. It was a night for students to laugh and forget about academic stress.BIBA is pleased with the success of this event and hopes that planning and organizing similar activities can stimulate students' creativity and execution. We also look forward to more such exciting events being held in the future.