2023 BIBA Student Association held a successful night family gathering event!🍲&🎳For this family gathering, BIBA student association chose to hold it in Karuizawa and play bowling after dinner. During the dinner, there was an opportunity to interact with senior students from different countries, which is not easily obtained in regular academic activities. In the delightful atmosphere of the gathering, they shared learning experiences and interesting anecdotes with each other, bringing them closer together.

Throughout the event, the organization and planning by the departmental association were meticulous, taking care of every detail. This thoughtful preparation enhanced the overall smoothness of the gathering and allowed students to immerse themselves in the experience.BIBA is thrilled with the success of this family gathering event, reinforcing the notion that our departmental association is truly a close-knit family. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities of this nature, as they play a vital role in nurturing unity and fostering collective growth.