Spend youth with friends, fight with partners.


Spend youth with friends, fight with partners.

Club Experience

The end of a stage ushers in the beginning of the next one, and we walk into each other's lives. Come to here, meet everyone, bring something, and take something away. While fighting for our own future, we also cherish the time we spend together.

Resources from the Department

In addition to equipment, intangible resources are very precious.

The freshman computer introduction teacher told us that the foreign language center provides students with the opportunity to learn conversations with foreign teachers. This has a great impact on me who used to only learn English from books, and I feel excited that "it can finally be used". In class activities, I eat and chat with the tutor. The teacher will understand the situation of the students and find ways to help me understand the university slowly.

In the sophomore soft engineering course, the teacher invited the industry teacher to give a speech, talked about the operation mode of the enterprise, and gradually had a little imagination about the future of the employee.

During my junior and senior year, the department held a series of internship briefing sessions. Although I did not choose an internship in the end, after listening to more than a dozen briefing sessions, I seemed to have more courage for the future.

The teachers are very enthusiastic. As long as you are willing to take that step and go to the teacher with the problem, even if it is just a very idiotic issue, the teacher will patiently teach and help you find a solution. Every teacher in the Department of Engineering is the most reliable resource.

Lives of school

Most people have the impression that engineering people are more homely, but they are not!

Before school starts, everyone has already known each other through social software. After school started, the students were scattered in three classes, and they knew more and more people. In the three-day intensive freshman growth camp, we met seniors and sisters, and we exchanged course information, reading methods, and key points of the course with each other, and established a good relationship.

Because everyone has a good relationship, they will ask each other which courses to take before choosing courses. When the term is over, let's all relax together. When encountering festivals, I occasionally organize and participate in activities; the first Brilliant Blueprint held by the extracurricular activities group that year also entered the finals. Although it is a black history for us now, it is actually very fun to think about it later.


The first Brilliant Blueprint

I made many good friends in the first two years, and formed a dance troupe by myself in the last two years, which enriched my college life even more. The formation of the dance troupe was actually an accident. A friend from the Department of International Trade and a friend from another school and I decided to perform at the handover party. Through the extensive network of friends from the Department of International Trade, we participated in many department handovers The evening party also took some off-campus end-to-end shows.

The performance increase incomparable fun to the time I was struggling with the topic.

In order to become stronger, I decided to stay and study for a master's degree.

When I was in junior year, my thematic group finished the project ahead of time and began to think about the future direction. One member decided not to go into the information industry, which surprised me. I took another group member to talk to the instructor for a long time .

The teacher mentioned a lot of his experience in the industry, and asked us if we were interested in joining the project that was being prepared. Although I was worried that my skills would not be able to keep up, I was very eager to have a skill, and the teacher also actively trained us. It gave me great courage.

If want to become stronger, even know that I am a rookie, I still decide to follow the teacher to do projects to improve my skills.

However, the project was not as simple as imagined. Although it was a full-fledged project, the programming skills have been enhanced a lot, and a lot of things about the team have been learned.

The team must be transparent so that communication can be unimpeded. In the regular meeting every week, we must show others the results of this week. If we feel that we are going in the wrong direction or the direction is strange, we must immediately raise it. In the team, there are people who can ask for advice, supervise, and spur. This is the advantage of teamwork. Only by learning from each other can we continue to grow and thrive.

Communication with manufacturers is also a science. I have encountered that during off-duty hours, the manufacturer will call you and ask you the meaning of the charts and data; or they have written a report and need me to check whether the data or description is correct. When transferring technology, we must tell them why the relationship between theory and practice is written in this way. This kind of situation is encountered not only by information personnel, but also by people in every department. In addition to trying to hone your skills, it's also about understanding what it is they actually want.

During this process, I feel happy. When the manufacturer called to confirm the report during off-hours, I felt that this was a way of affirmation, showing that I was capable of being relied on and trusted.

Although I didn’t like to study very much before entering university, I had already decided not to go to graduate school, but four years later, I have changed. Even though I still think that I am not capable enough, but with courage, I want to become stronger , decided to go to graduate school.


Laboratory photo

I laughed every day in Feng Chia. After entering Feng Chia, I was also confused. Is it not suitable for this department?

But I didn't give up, I kept on learning and asking, and all the pain would become nourishment。

Words for juniors

If you don’t know the answer, you can find the answer, ask your classmates, senior sisters, teachers or Google, etc. You can seek help through various channels.

As long as you sharpen your sword well, you will find that it is helping you unconsciously.

In the process, in addition to learning the ability to solve problems, you can also move forward with your partners.

Find what you know, what you are interested in; as long as you continue to invest in what you are interested in, you will shine.

Although Feng Chia's campus is not large, it has a wealth of various resources. As long as you are willing, you will be able to gain a lot and find many like-minded friends.


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