Play in university – play all over Feng Chia, create a unique me.


Play in university – play all over Feng Chia, create a unique me.

Global Mobility

 You can play for four years in university?

University is a "sugar". Parents say that if you pass the academic test, you can go to university and let you play for four years. But no one ever taught us to define "play" and how to "play".

University is the most important moment to realize self-worth before joining the workplace. There may not be many opportunities for us to know ourselves or create self-worth before high school. Therefore, the four years of university is a good time to venture out and explore unlimited potential.

From the moment I chose to enter Feng Chia University, "I decided to use up the school's resources!". At the community fair, I had a stack of leaflets in my hand, and after some thought, I decided to join the AIESEC International Economics and Business Administration Student Association-Fengjia Branch, a non-profit non-governmental organization that changed me.

大學怎麼玩 – 玩遍逢甲,塑造獨一無二的我

Photos of AIESEC club activities

After joining AIESEC, I learned three things: cultivate my own leadership, improve the structure, create more projects, give young people the opportunity to reflect, and guide friends who have the same ambition to change, and create social influence together.

Create your own advantage

Through AIESEC, I participated in two international events

  • Canada's International Education Volunteer Project: Use the teaching methodology learned in the Department of Foreign Languages to quickly get started with teaching tasks and easily interact with children.
  • On behalf of Taiwan, I went to Cambodia to participate in the Asia-Pacific Regional Leadership Summit: The solid English pronunciation practice of the Department of Foreign Languages allowed me to smoothly discuss with young people from all over Asia about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs issues, and at the same time receive leadership training.

Through these two activities, I deeply realized the importance of identity and the positioning of Taiwanese youth in the world. As a student of the Department of Foreign Languages, I am fluent in foreign languages. I seize every opportunity to show myself and strive to become the strongest learner who can find learning points no matter what the situation.

大學怎麼玩 – 玩遍逢甲,塑造獨一無二的我

大學怎麼玩 – 玩遍逢甲,塑造獨一無二的我

Served as an international education volunteer in Canada and participated in the Asia-Pacific Leadership Summit in Cambodia.

At the curtain call of the performance, I proudly raised my hands to thank myself for working so hard.

Graduation performances are a tradition of the Department of Foreign Languages and Languages of Feng Chia, using what they have learned in the department, whether it is translation, linguistics, oral speaking, classical application, etc., to transform knowledge into results. The reason why I chose the performance class at the beginning was that I liked the teaching of the instructor, and I didn’t particularly want to be an actor. Until the casting audition, the senior sister next to me encouraged me to try on stage; I thought about it, and I might not have the opportunity to stand Played on stage, decided to give it a go, and was honored to get a lively little role.

The biggest challenge for me in this performance is to figure out the life of the characters. When receiving performance guidance, you must learn to control your body and emotions, believe that everything is real, and accept the role with an open heart, otherwise you will not be able to move yourself, let alone the audience in the audience.

Life as a play, and I hope that when my life ends, I can raise my hands proudly, bow deeply to my efforts, and accept the applause from the audience as I do when I perform.

大學怎麼玩 – 玩遍逢甲,塑造獨一無二的我

The 17th Graduation Performance of the Department of Foreign Languages: One Seventeenth

Before realizing self-worth, find the sense of mission first, transform it into belief, and move forward with faith. This is the most important lesson I learned in college; it will also be the driving force that will continue to drive me, and will shape a unique My own self has become the most precious and unstealable experience.

By|Department of Foreign Languages and Literature YANG,ROU-EN

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