Rather than "acquiring" the environment, I choose to "create" the environment and become a leader


Rather than "acquiring" the environment, I choose to "create" the environment and become a leader

Global Mobility

Don't limit yourself to being a college student. In Feng Chia, we can be an entrepreneur, a founder of a non-profit organization, a cadre of an international youth organization, a regional director of a multilingual exchange organization, and a plan initiator, but we are also a Feng Chia student.

Me, is an example, and you can too!

Are you willing to be the spark that lights up everything?

As a major in Department of Business Administration, I have always hoped to have practical experience in management and operations, and to bring the knowledge I have learned out of the classroom. Before founding TEDxFCU, I never thought I would have the opportunity to start and learn how to run a non-profit organization. In the last year of Fengjia, I submitted an application to the TED headquarters in the United States to establish TEDxFCU, so that this dream that had been circling in my mind for half a year could take root. Through the annual meeting of TEDxFCU, the team got in touch with tattooists, brain scientists, artists and leftover entrepreneurs to explore their industries and work. I am very grateful to the curatorial team and the General Education Center for their strong support along the way of preparation.

The TEDxFCU annual meeting let me understand that many things are not impossible, but whether you are willing to be the first person to stand up and do it. As long as you have a good idea and find a suitable channel or unit, I believe that your dream can be realized.

Leadership is an attitude or an action, not a position or a title.

Be the one who creates opportunities, not the one who waits for them to come.


TEDxFCU Annual Conference (top), TED Circles activities (bottom left), the first TEDxFCU admissions briefing (bottom right)

Improve your social skills and foreign language skills.

In my senior year, I applied to the Chinese Language Teaching Center to become a student partner of Korean students. At first, it was to improve the foreign language skills of both parties, but unexpectedly, through the introduction of the student partner, I came into contact with Buzzup.Taiwan. A multilingual exchange organization, the base in Taichung is located near Fengjia. Afterwards, I became a cadre in the central region, responsible for co-organizing multi-language exchange activities in Taichung with Japanese and Koreans, with hundreds of participants in each event. Learning how to organize and host events has transformed me from a reserved girl to a person who is good at socializing and communicating. This is another advantage of Feng Chia University - resource concentration. Feng Chia is located in the center of Taichung and gathers many external resources, which can easily expand my horizons and learning channels.


The Buzzup.Taiwan Rooftop Multilingual Exchange Party brings together people from different countries and backgrounds to experience foreign social activities without going abroad.

When developing the ability to work in a team, don't lose the ability to be independent.

Under the recommendation of Zhang Chengxiu, a teacher from the Department of Marketing, he joined the top four advertising groups in the world - McCANN Advertising, and became an intern in the strategy department of the Taipei head office. Marketing strategy and presentation production, so I came into contact with many marketing plans of well-known brands; among them, the most impressive thing is the difference in environment. Feng Chia encourages students to work in teams and learn across domains, but in the workplace, most of them have to spend time on their own to study the abilities needed in the workplace, and the company will not give you the opportunity to make mistakes. After leaving the team, don't let yourself lose the ability to stand alone.

Present=now=gift, at this moment, is the best and fairest gift that God bestows on everyone.


McCANN Advertising headquarters in Taipei Xinyi.

Become your only belief

The reason why I have the courage to do the above things is absolutely indispensable to the huge influence brought by AIESEC International Economics and Business Management Society-Fengjia Branch. It gave me the experience of leading a team for the first time in my life, and became the 7th campus explainer The host of the meeting, the lecturer of 4 national conferences, and met dozens of foreign friends. It makes me believe that even if I am just a college student, I have enough ability to change and influence people and things around me.

In March 2019, on behalf of Taiwan AIESEC, I went to Thailand to participate in the Asia-Pacific Youth Leaders Conference, and discussed the future development trend of Asian youth with Asian members from more than 20 countries, conducted foreign cultural exchanges and in-depth local tourism. At the same time, serve as a one-day tutor for local elementary school students in Thailand, teaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs Goal 2: Ensure food security, eliminate hunger, and promote sustainable agriculture; regardless of language or nationality, let us as citizens of the world , are more aware of the importance of this goal.


Discuss social issues in groups with local college students in Cambodia and Thailand, and propose possible solutions.


Your own value comes from the accumulation of experience, and experience often starts with trying. Please boldly try all the uncertainties.

Only you can define how much your life is worth. I hope my story can become a piece of courage or hope for you to realize your dreams. Find your own value, which is far better than the value defined by others. Your college life will be changed by the present. You decide.

文|企業管理學系 王吟亦

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