Show of Life, Life of My Show


Show of Life, Life of My Show

Club Experience

From I was a child, everything I did was strongly supported by my family. I learned piano in kindergarten, sketched in middle school, and joined a choir in high school. No matter what I have learned in the past, even though standing on the stage was still far away from me at the time, I never forgot my dream of "acting". It was not until I entered Feng Chia University and met a senior from the Department of Foreign Languages who played the leading role in two life dramas on the musical stage. Under his enlightenment, I knew that my little dream had a chance to come true. Although I had a lot of homework in my freshman year, I overcame all difficulties to take the student-independent song and dance drama course. This performance established how much I like acting. In the first semester of my freshman year, I joined the music stage life theater team jointly established by many teachers. With only one performance experience, I tried bravely. I was accidentally selected as the heroine, and officially started my four-year performance road.

Show of Life, Life of my Show

Photos of Wandering White Horse show.

With countless practices, get to know yourself.

In order to present the best performance, rehearsals are carried out every holiday of the university, and the number of times of going home is only a handful. As I became more familiar with the stage and proficient in acting skills, I observed and learned from directors of different styles, and gradually realized that I fell in love with the stage.

After performances again and again, I understand that when acting, you must first move yourself before you can move others. Through the play, you can reflect on yourself and learn to grow. Reading dramas is a must for every theater person. When I first came into contact with Life Stage Theater, I spent a lot of time understanding the meaning of the script and constantly improving my acting skills. Because I like the touch of teamwork, I seize every opportunity to perform on stage and create memories that belong to theater people.

Life Stage Theater not only allows the audience to experience the ideas we want to convey, but also a process for actors to understand themselves.

Show of Life, Life of my Show

Rehearsal Highlights.

Three-credit class, ten-credit effort.

Graduation performances are part of the department's inheritance. Of course, I will not let go of my passion for performances. With the encouragement of my classmates and teachers, I will strive for the position of director. Acting as a director is a big challenge, because not all students taking the course have received professional training in front of or behind the scenes of the theater; affected by the epidemic, the school divided classes, which reduced a lot of practice time. With the strong support of the performance instructor Associate Professor Zheng Ruyu and the active cooperation of the students, we completed the performance of the 17th graduation performance "One Seventeenth".

Show of Life, Life of my Show

Stills of the 17th Graduation Performance of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature "One Seventeenth"

The general environment is full of voices from all walks of life and various problems. What remains unchanged is that everyone is changing more and more rapidly, encouraging each other to have goals and move towards them. I have always been very unclear about my goals. I didn’t know that my future belonged to the stage until I entered the Music Stage Life Theater of Feng Chia University.

University is a place where unlimited imagination can be created. I insisted on studying stage plays for four years before I found what I am passionate about. I hope that every student studying at Feng Chia University can find their own direction.

Interview video of the 17th Graduation Performance of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature "One Seventeenth"

By|Department of Foreign Languages and Literature YU,SHAO-QI

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