Life is a series of choices. All your choices determine how you look.


Life is a series of choices. All your choices determine how you look.

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The difference between college life and imagination

Teachers often say: "After months of hard work, everyone can have fun in the next stage."

From elementary school to high school, they always repeat the same words, but they don't realize that reality is always contrary to imagination. What do you think of college life?

When I was in high school, I had many fantasies about university. I heard everyone said that there are very few college courses, no homework, no study, rich activities, love and student clubs. Thinking of this, the boring high school life doesn't seem so boring anymore.

The difference between imagination and reality

Compulsory courses occupy the freshman's curriculum. My choice is to study hard and get a certificate in the four years of university so that I can apply for a job more smoothly in the future and do what I want to do. In addition, my grades are among the top four in the class every semester, and I get professional certificates, and the school will provide scholarships. "How to harvest, first plant plants".

Every briefing is an opportunity for growth

College exams are less than high school exams, but there are many reports. Each preparation report is a growth and training.

Study hard and live hard

During my tenure as the cadre of the student organization of the department, I met many friends in different fields through joint activities with other departments; it is a great thing to make good friends with the same frequency when I was in college, share happiness together, and travel together. .

In addition, we must make good use of the university's winter and summer vacations. The school provides many opportunities and channels for international exchanges or internships in enterprises. These experiences will become the nutrients for the future.

Advice for universities

Goals are the motivation for effort.I think that goal setting is very important at every stage of life. First consider what kind of college life you want. You can choose to study hard to prepare for your future work, or you can choose to enjoy four years of fun and use the school. Provide opportunities to go out and see the outside world.Everyone’s choices are different, and there is no difference between good and bad. No one can guarantee that after four years of serious study, you will find a good job. No one would say that if you play for four years today, you will have no future after you leave society.

After setting goals, it is important to put them into practice.

A teacher once said: Don’t do the same things as the people around you, if you want to live a different life. As long as you are willing to start to change, we will be close to the 20% minority. Don’t worry about not being able to keep up with others. Each of us lives in our own time zone. What we need to do is to work hard in our own time zone, and eventually we can reap fruitful results.

By|Bachelor's Program of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Science - Huang, Ying-Ci

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