As long as the direction is clear, dreams never set limits.


As long as the direction is clear, dreams never set limits.

Global Mobility

Make the world a better place with passion and creativity.

In the last semester of my sophomore year, in the Hult prize Hult Prize, a student case competition, in order to fit the annual theme of "Food For Good", my team members and I published the "Green 24" project. This is a sales method that obtains fresh but poor-looking food from farmers, and then transforms the use of unmanned vending machines to upgrade food into lunch boxes to solve the problem of food waste. By cooperating with vending machine lessees, we put our creativity into the actual production and sales process. From the selection of ingredients to the transportation, we do everything by ourselves.

I still remember that the group members still had heated discussions late into the night, constantly exporting, overturning, and reconstructing ideas, just to make each link more complete. After the launch of the project, we also successfully won the championship in the campus competition. Every Shanshi meal box sold makes me feel consumers' acceptance of food. This may be a downgrade of food appearance, but it is a continuous upgrade of consumption power.


Member of the Hult Prize team.


The 2021 Hultjian Taiwan Regional Summit held at National Taiwan University.

Self Reinvention

Looking back at the road I have traveled, every course in the three years has connected the path of my growth. Out of my love for TED, I joined the self-directed course TEDxFCU as an associate curator. In the process of planning the annual meeting, we collided with each other, exchanged ideas and thoughts, all of which subtly experienced our self-abilities.


Group photo of 2022 TEDxFCU members.

Internship Experience in Global 500 Companies.

During the summer vacation of the second semester of my sophomore year, I was lucky enough to get an internship opportunity in the "Key Customer Department of Bank of Communications". The responsibility of the key account department is to connect with banks and large enterprises for financing and factoring business. Therefore, I had the opportunity to learn how to use data insights and visualized data to present reports, handle bank acceptance bills and other supply chain financing business, and gradually enhance my practical business knowledge. Along with the opportunity comes self-awareness. When I entered the workplace, I clearly felt that I lacked the ability to practice business. The internship allowed me to learn from the seniors in the same department and continuously learn workplace skills and academic knowledge. As long as the direction is clear, dreams never set limits.


Group photo with colleagues during internship in Bank of Communications.


In order to cultivate practical experience and maximize self-exploration potential, I served as the Minister of Activities in the Guangdong Student Union for Taiwan. The student union serves mainland students in Taiwan, provides services such as study exchanges, internships and employment, and life guidance, and strives to make contributions to the mainland students within their ability. Co-organized with major associations, such as the sharing session on the application of land students, the cross-strait youth employment fair and other activities. With the development of globalization, an economic macro perspective is extremely important in the study of international trade in this field. With the help of school resources, I applied for an exchange at Beijing Normal University, hoping to exchange and learn with my peers and increase my knowledge of global trade.


The Guangdong Student Association for Taiwan held a sharing session for graduate students applying for graduate studies at National Taiwan University.

Go all out, use unrestrained imagination and creation to balance goals in life and love. No limit, no retreat, to explore, experience and discover the wider world at this moment, to embrace the unknown and collision. At the moment of embarking on the journey, inspire a new imagination of tomorrow. When I was in college, I came to Taiwan across the vast Pacific Ocean, constantly building and reshaping. Growth is not a dew, but every step you take, they count step by step. I always believe that the meaning of youth is not just to decide what to do, but to find a path that is truly meaningful to oneself.

By|Bachelor's Program of International Business Administration in English LIN,XIAO-JING

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