Toastmasters 英語演講課程體驗日圓滿成功!!


Toastmasters 英語演講課程體驗日圓滿成功!!


BIBA Toastmasters 英語演講社團在3/13舉辦了Toastmasters 課程體驗日活動,吸引了許多不同科系的同學踴躍參與了這次精彩絕倫的活動!活動前段的熱身遊戲中,每個人都笑開懷的與不同國家的新朋友們互動,也聆聽了兩位講者對於 ”should college students pay their tuition fee by themselves“ 的見解與自身的經歷,收穫滿滿!活動後半段的topic session,我們邀請社員們上台發表在大學裡如何管理功課、社團以及其他活動的方式、在不同的國家裡最先改變的教育制度是什麼諸如此類與時俱進的議題,不僅讓同學們在英語練習上有更深入的交流,也同時能在不同文化在教育上、經濟上甚至是個人的觀點裡產生美麗的火花碰撞!

BIBA Toastmasters Club held a Toastmasters experience day event on March 13th, attracting many students from different departments to actively participate in this wonderful event! In the warm-up game at the beginning of the event, everyone laughed and interacted with new friends from different countries. They also listened to the two speakers’ opinions and their own experiences on ”should college students pay their tuition fee by themselves“.In the topic session at the second half of the event, we invited members to come on stage to express their views on how to manage homework, clubs and other activities in university, what was the first educational system to change in different countries, and other issues that keep pace with the times. Not only it allows students to have more in-depth exchanges on English practice, and it can create beautiful sparks of collision between different cultures in terms of education, economics and even personal perspectives!

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